Sergey Lebedenko

Lebedenko Sergey Stepanovich

Born 20 August, 1965 in the city of Zaporozhye in a working class family. Father – Stepan Ivanovich, a native of Lebedenko Cossack family of the village Skelki of Vasilyevskiy district of Zaporozhye region, worked 30 years at the plant “Dneprospetsstal” (“DSS”) as a worker. Mother – Galina Ivanovna, a native of Zolotarenko Cossack family, at those times a village Vasilevka of Zaporozhye region, and worked 20 years at the same plant as a refractory bricklayer. Grandfather Lebedenko Ivan Fotievich was seriously wounded during the Second World War within the liberation of his native land near Tsvetkova Balka and was buried there in a mass grave not far from Energodar.

Grandfather’s awards Parents have bent every effort for son to receive a good education and grow up as an all-round man. In school years Sergey created competitive projects of aircrafts, implemented the elements of television and radio systems, participated and won in Ukraine competitions in chemistry, physics, mathematics. He won prizes in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. This is confirmed by multiple certificates and awards. At the same time, at school he received the first working specialties: car mechanic, driver and welder.

In 1982, Sergey finished school №54 with honors and entered the Kharkiv Aviation Institute named after N.E.Zhukovsky. He managed to combine study with work on the specialized subdepartments of aviation and space aircraft industry. As a result there were first works: from design of Wankel engine for backpack helicopter to serious scientific work on the accuracy of positioning of satellites in Earth orbit. These developments were included in method books of the National Aerospace University. In 1988 he defended a graduation thesis of aeronautical engineer. It was also the beginning of serious inventions, so necessary for people.

memory of generations Master of Sports in Sambo, a young, promising, purposeful specialist, was accepted to Zaporozhye Production Association “Motorostroitel” to several positions at once: planning engineer and head of a self-supporting group. Even then, the feature of Sergey Lebedenko was the ability to finish everything he had once started.

Fantasy of young engineer was unlimited – from brake shoes to the introduction of the explosion energy in the production of aircraft engine. He was the first in Ukraine who set the series production of aluminum discs for Zhiguli and Tavria cars. And later –magnesium discs for the same cars plus sports and production cars. In collaboration with constructors of automakers “ZAZ” and “Motor Sich” there was created a steering control for the car GAZelle. In collaboration with colleagues at work all these inventions were patented in the United States, Japan, Germany and Italy.

Improving the skills of inventor and gaining experience of communication with people, Sergey Stepanovich decided to open his own business. In 1991 he became a director of a small business “Tera Ltd”. He developed and manufactured yacht equipment, including titanium winches, carbines, blocks, mastered production of the most difficult titanium golf clubs and medical equipment made of titanium. His business entered the international arena. He established contacts and the supplies of goods to Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Australia, USA, France and Great Britain.

But he didn’t forget his native Ukraine. There were established technologies of repair and complicated turbo-charging and separatory equipment for large public utilities.

During his rapid growth he received a second higher education. In 2002 he graduated from Zaporozhye National Technical University with a degree in “Manager Economist” (diploma with honors).

Striving for achieving new tops and caring for the welfare of people, Sergey Stepanovich Lebedenko put forward the idea of creating an insurance company. Since its foundation, in 2000, the insurance company “Motor-Garant” has achieved great success – by the main indicators of activity it is among the top ten leading insurers of Ukraine (according to Ukrainian edition «Insurance TOP»). They have created new insurance programs and now provide a high level of service, the company is earning the trust of the population. With the direct participation of Sergey Stepanovich there were established enterprises, known both in Zaporozhye region, and in Ukraine.

Lebedenko Sergey

The desire to make people’s lives stable and secure led to the decision to get a law degree. In 2011, Sergey Stepanovich finished Classic Private University in major of “Jurisprudence”.

Increasing the professional level, Sergey Stepanovich has been working on the concept of Public Health Insurance and implements programs that involve a significant increase in efficiency in the use of funds allocated to finance the health care system. He is also in charge of the launch of the social security projects not only in Zaporozhye region at JSC “Zaporozhye zhelezorudniy combinat” and Nuclear Power Plant, but also in many other regions of Ukraine. Many years he has been consulting on the questions of effective management of large enterprises and corporations of Ukraine, has been designing effective models of corporation control systems.

Lebedenko Sergey with family

And now, in the period of possible energy crisis in Ukraine, he launches a number of initiatives aimed at introduction of innovations in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving technologies. Currently it has been completed and put in commission a volatile, energy generating complex, managed by the original author automation and integrated computer system, which is due to the radiant energy of the sun, geothermal energy, and pyrolysis can solve at the scale of Ukraine many problems having arisen at the moment. Independent power supply system began to be developed over five years ago, the basic building blocks were introduced a year ago, and complete surrender was made in November 2013. The complex can autonomously provide electric and heat energy and drinking water for kindergartens, schools, small city offices and houses. Currently additional research and patenting are taking place.

Sergey brings up an adult daughter (Chinese teacher) and two sons who are taught by the alternative education procedure developed together with his wife.