Sergey Lebedenko

People's Reforms

Yesterday it was early, but tomorrow it may be too late!
We must act today, now!

In winter the history of Ukraine has been divided into what was before and after the Maidan. The events that took place then changed the lives of Ukrainians once and for all. However, it has long been about to happen. Implanted for decades complete disunity of power and the people, impunity and irresponsibility set in the country led to the permissiveness of the establishment and difficult political environment, to complete financial dependence and, in fact, to the enslavement of socially unguarded sectors of the population and prosperity of corruption.

The people were deprived of the opportunity to implement their legal rights, declared in the Constitution of Ukraine. As a result people took up stones, burnt tires and Molotov cocktails ... the Maidan showed that the people’s patience is not unlimited, people have the strength and the will to stand up for Ukraine.

Now the country is on the threshold of great change. And if again empty populists, embezzlers, people who are incompetent in their field are allowed to be in power, it will break the new Maidan. To prevent this, it is necessary to establish interaction of the people and the government in the country. I offer a simple and effective mechanism. It is based on the experience of world science: the works of the best scientists, including the theorem of Nobel Prize winner Ronald Harry Coase. He proved that the problem can be solved only by an agreement between the parties concerned. On the example of the country – it is between the government and the people. The people act as the customers, and deputies and officials are the executors.

To implement this in practice, it is necessary to reduce the tenure time of all the deputies and officials in power for up to one year. In my opinion, it is a sufficient period of time to analyze the work, identify problems and begin to solve them. I offer to elect not only deputies, but also all the functionaries: security officials, heads of departments of health and education, utilities, etc.... This mechanism must begin to work at all levels (district, region, state).

Moreover, at the end of the term an official, deputy will be required to report back to the people. It is necessary to introduce a system of full responsibility (administrative, civil and criminal) of officials for illegal decisions and actions.

The mechanism which I’ve proposed provides the answer to the question: Where can we get money for the ANNUAL ELECTION? They must be held at the expense of the candidates’ contributions. The amount will be the same for everyone.

Electiveness, professionalism, accountability of officials and deputies, permanent control of the population – this all will allow to establish a dialogue and change the model of the relationship between the people and the government. We must make the power work for people. Each deputy and official must understand: he is hired by the people, works for the people and reports back to the people. After all power is work and responsibility, but not a lifelong benefit. If the officer or deputy does not understand it, he must go! This will allow upgrading the power in a peaceful and civilized way.

In the future, the system which I offered, would allow creating a healthy competition among the candidates. They will not compete in capital and connections, but on the basis of knowledge, experience, professionalism, and ideas.

Then the formation of the “bottom-up” state budget will become real and it will give the opportunity to develop every city and village. Small and medium business and domestic producers will get support.

My election program is the first step to the introduction of “the reforms from below”, which will support the reforms of the President and will help to change our life.

Declared reforms are impossible to conduct in a day and single-handed. That is why on October 6, 2014 we created a public organization “People's Reforms”.

The future of Ukraine depends on each of us. One road to change our lives is to come to the elections on October 26 and vote for our children, for a united peaceful country.


Author: Sergey Lebedenko

Date: 16 October 2014