Sergey Lebedenko

The second oldest or the first most honest?

The press representatives are called “fourth authority”, thus emphasizing the strong influence of the press on public mood. But besides very often some media representatives are treated in another – quite offensive way – they are called “representatives of the second oldest profession”, meaning their venality.

Why so? We will try to understand.
After the fall of Yanukovych regime almost all media, vying with each other, began to publish awful details about life, routine, business (schemes) and private life of the “family” and the immediate environment. There we can see a “golden toilet”, numerous corruption schemes, foreign real estate and many other things... That’s good, people should know the truth! But isn’t it the media, which “didn’t notice” lawlessness happening in the country for many years? They didn’t publish anything that the “governors” might not like; they obediently followed the instructions of the censorship of their owners.

In fact, with the assistance of the media the regime was spreading, getting stronger and developing. The most part of the media was propagandists of oligarchic clans, helping “brainwash” people.
We were saved from the dictatorship by resurgent nation’s self-esteem and self-sacrifice of heroes of the Maidan.

And then it became possible to “kick a dead lion!” Media released a shocking amount of various dirt on officials, security officials and functionaries. But the fact is that it is impossible to collect so much information in a short period of time (with sums, dates, names and details). And the questions arise: What is it? The triumph of democracy or planned stuffing of information (permitted compromising) under the guidance of puppeteers – media owners? Or everybody, except people, have already known it but kept silence?

How can we be sure that the information is not concealed, not distorted, not given under the supervision of censorship? And will people in the future be able to obtain accurate information about everything that is happening in the country?

It wouldn’t go amiss to have lustration of the media representatives, but it is a difficult issue – the law does not provide it, and the media is mostly private.

We offer another solution to the problem of information security:
creation of public media – newspapers, radio, television and the Internet. At the same time we offer to fund them from the budget, and choose media leaders once a year, as all the functionaries and officials.

We offer to create:
“Ukrainian public television and radio” with branches in each regional center and budget formed by the formula: the sum of all the budgets of the leading private TV centers in the region divided by their amount plus 5 percent!

“Ukrainian public newspaper” with branches in all regions and the formation of the budget by the same principle!
“Ukrainian public Internet portal” with branches in all regions and the same formation of the budget!

People will choose once a year not only the leaders of all the public media, but also the leaders of their regional branches.

With the help of public media Ukrainian citizens will be able to get undistorted information quickly; exactly this way honest and principled journalists can work without making a deal with their conscience.

With the help of the media people can learn not only the details of life of “stars”, but also, for example, updates of the scientific economic thought (about works of Ronald Coase, Oliver Williamson, John Forbes Nash Jr., Elinor Ostrom and other Nobel laureates); working social models, through which other countries are developing; insurance medicine, working for the benefit of people of other countries...

Why do we need this?
The answer is simple: to choose the way of development of our country, to learn how to ask for a report on the work of the officials to feel ourselves citizens of our country, but not slaves, cheated by oligarchs and brainwashed by “independent” press, television and Internet. Moreover, very often only a professional knows how to distinguish the truth from the “canard” being presented in the media.

We, the people, should attract talented journalists as quick as possible and create appropriate conditions for their work and payment in accordance with their rating!

To do this, we need honest public media!
People should know methods of work of media employee: hired and controlled by the people; hired and funded by the oligarchs, or any other clans. We believe the difference will be enormous! We want: to make the “second oldest profession” be the first MOST HONEST!

Date: 19 October 2014