Sergey Lebedenko

It’s time to unite

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

This wisdom is more than one thousand years old! And in fact we, Ukrainians, still, ask around the world to give us the “fish”, i.e. credit money. The government is borrowing more and more, and these loans are swallowed at once. External debt is growing, and how will we give it back? Following the wisdom of Confucius given above, we need to learn how to fish! I.e., if asking for loans, then only for scientific development, new technologies, plants, agribusiness, factories! Now once again we begin utterly serious, epochal reforms, in fact as it turned out, affecting not only the interests of our country.

In order to reforms have really launched the development of Ukraine, we offer:
- to use scientific and theoretical base, developed by advanced scientists;
- to model the possible consequences of such reforms;
- to provide the public with an understanding of the actual value of the reforms and show who will pay for it.

The President of Ukraine has initiated reforms. Our civil duty is to support them, to help give a content, to suggest a mechanism of reforming, taking into account the interests of all sectors of society, every citizen of Ukraine! Being responsible citizens of Ukraine, we understand that the reforms should be introduced as soon as possible, helping eliminate defects and mistakes in the process of their implementation.

We have no time to idle captiousness or long “dawdling”: the country is on a knife-edge. For many years in Ukraine was being established the system, which led to a complete financial dependence and, in fact, to the enslavement of socially unguarded sectors of the population by individuals or groups of individuals. It should be noted that these people have concentrated in their hands resources in the tens of thousands of times exceeding their own needs. And this unfair distribution led to the corruption of public authorities at all levels. The people were deprived of the opportunity to implement their legal rights, declared in the Constitution of Ukraine. That is what has led to a sharp rise of social tension in society and destabilization of the state activities in general.

The result of the events described above was ​​Maidan, as a form of direct democracy. Maidan has dramatically changed the course of modern Ukrainian history. Unfortunately, obtained by the blood of hundreds of our compatriots, ideas of Maidan haven’t found further reflection and implementation in the development of Ukraine and haven’t brought any significant improvements in the lives of the citizens of Ukraine. The reason was spontaneous and unorganized activity principle of Maidan. Replacement of officials in key positions, in fact, has not changed the corruptive nature of power. This is the main reason why there is no obvious positive effect of reforms.

Ukraine has obtained Maidan, pre-term presidential election, re-election of the Verkhovna Rada. In this stage we should ask ourselves simple but obvious questions – “What’s the next? Where is the result? And how can we really change things for the better?”

First of all, you need to realize the necessity of the unity of reforms introduced by authorities and the necessity of resolving specific issues that arise in life of every individual citizen. The most effective method of resolving the current situation is solidarity of all sensible citizens to develop and implement people’s reforms aimed at creating in Ukraine a civilized civil society and the democratic state. Declared reforms are impossible to conduct in a day and single-handed. We are aware of this. We have developed a program of actions to attract supporters of peaceful democratic reforms – only together we are strong!

Date: 16 October 2014