Sergey Lebedenko

The most dangerous enemy is the enemy within!

World-view, rooted in the minds of the majority, is actually feudal. Formed “from the time of Mongol-Tatar Yoke”, it contains an extremely dangerous dogma: the people should always obey someone, without having the right to demand from the government the report for the adoption of certain decisions. The establishment can do everything; these people are right a priori (because they are stronger).

The creation of a new world-view, the eradication of humility and obedience like serfs, will open up opportunities for the modernization of the main systems of society. It is impossible to capture the passive majority in the political process without changing the world-view.

Changing the world-view, we will be able to change the political system. Building of a modern, politically-active society in Ukraine is possible only with the growth of self-consciousness of the most progressive part of the population – active minority. Passive majority can change its self-consciousness through understanding and acceptance of the new world-view of “active minority”.

One of the main problems existing nowadays is the lack of an effective controlling mechanism of government actions by the people. In addition society isn’t aware of the need to create such mechanism.

Therefore, the construction of power vertical top-down is continuing: both customer and executor of system is oligarchic-clan “elite” itself, which has deprived of the people not only property but also the possibility to participate in the building of power.

The people itself will have to construct the mechanisms of building of a system of true democracy, through the created modern world-view of active minority, carrying along the passive majority. A catalyst for the process of creation of democracy mechanisms will be the continuing total impoverishment of the entire people, and, in fact, its genocide.

Fear for the future and, more importantly, the children’s future, will force everybody to think that it is impossible to live like this! And the search of the guilty ones needs to be started in the mirror!
Spiritual laziness prevents us realize that we, being “brainwashed”, live as deaf-and-dumb, obediently following the dogmas imposed on us.

For centuries, all the “ruling elites”, including Mongol-Tatars, nobility, party bigwigs, gang-oligarchic clans, filled us with a slave world-view, without changing which we will doom ourselves, our children and our future generations to self-destruct.

We are being destroyed not only by the enemy without, but more by the enemy within!

Date: 24 January 2015