Сергей Лебеденко

Affordable energy to every house!

A systematic approach to problem solving

The ability to organize work, coordinate processes, approach to the problem rationally and find a single optimal solution are the basic qualities for both a businessman and a politician. Unfortunately, many people’s representatives today lack the ability to analyze a situation that is emerging in the country as a whole and in individual sectors. Moreover, many of them are just not able to understand the consequences of their decisions and programs. Hence there are problems in housing and utilities infrastructure, healthcare, social security and agriculture.

Sergey Lebedenko’s basic credo is always finding the right solutions. It has become the main direction in the work and the principle of life. One of his specialties is the effective management of large enterprises and corporations. In addition, Sergey Lebedenko is developing and implementing creative programs that increase effectiveness of use of funds in healthcare sector.

In addition to the basic development, Sergey Stepanovich created a unique energy saving system. This is the result of five years laborious work. Its uniqueness is not only in huge saving of electricity consumed and even the possibility of its rejection, but also in the automation of all processes.

We will explain in detail.

To date we have worked out four basic systems of alternative power generation. First one is obtaining energy from solar batteries. The second is receiving energy from the solar collectors. The third is receiving energy with the help of thermal pump. The work of familiar to us air conditioners is based on this principle. And fourth system is a process of pyrolysis, i.e., receiving heat from the burning of raw materials: wood, rubbish, pellets and so on. Each of these sources of energy has its “pros” and “cons”. So, sometimes to get the necessary amount of energy there may not be enough sunlight for battery work, or there may be too low temperatures for heating by thermal pump. Often energy consumers choose the most suitable variant for themselves and put up with its imperfections. Sergey Stepanovich did not put up with it, and created an almost perfect energy-generating and energy-efficient system. The house where the developer has implemented his project can provide itself with heat, electricity and drinking water.

The system of Sergey Stepanovich involves all four main sources of energy. This makes it possible to provide home with all the necessary energy resources and save significantly. Today the innovative system of Sergey Lebedenko helps to get about 80% of savings.

- If you install several systems for energy generating simultaneously, you can assure the elimination of disadvantages of each system, - said Sergey Lebedenko. Moreover, the use of several sources provides the opportunity to receive not only electricity but also heat. In the future, this may lead to a complete autonomy and disconnection from centralized systems of heating and electricity.

But despite the obvious advantages of using of several systems, it is a question of their synchronization which has become the main challenge in the development:

- Several methods could be used, - said Sergey Stepanovich. - The first is to coordinate systems action in time using a computer, the second – with the help of automation systems. I have developed a special algorithm which switches on and off the system depending on the need and usefulness of this very system. In simple terms, the system automatically calculates which energy source is the best to use. For example, if the day is cloudy, and solar power is not enough for heating the house, the system switches on a heat boiler.

As a result of the developments made, Sergey Stepanovich has assured that the automation system analyzes the temperature of the air and on the basis of these data works for heating or cooling, as necessary heats technical water and cleans drinking water, and if the energy is not enough, the system switches off working systems according to the degree of their significance. In addition, the system is able to store the received energy, which makes it possible to obtain full autonomy and independence from the central supply chains. Water is also used not from a centralized system: it is extracted from the well.

The system of Sergey Lebedenko is not limited to one house. It can be safely implemented at the whole street or quarter. The main difficulty – the synchronization of all systems – has been overcome, and Sergey Stepanovich is ready to share his experience with others.

As you can see, a system approach is necessary everywhere. Both in saving energy, and governance. People, who are used to meet the challenges, know – they have no unsolvable problems. They are able to successfully organize not only the work of enterprise, but also the spheres of the country functioning.

Only such people, who use a system approach in all spheres of activity, create unique programs and are able to find the only correct way in solving difficult issues should write laws and develop reforms.

Date: 3 October 2014