Сергей Лебеденко

The patient will benefit

State health insurance, which has long been appreciated abroad by patients with different levels of wealth, has been already talked about many times in Ukraine, but medicine has remained at the same level. Insurance company “Motor-Garant”, which tens of thousands of people have entrusted to their health for 14 years of successful work, has initiated the creation of a pool of strong insurers willing to promote the idea of ​​quality health care for everybody in our country.

Сергей ЛебеденкоWe all have been waiting for 14 years, when Ukraine will have state health insurance, said the President of the insurance company “Motor-Garant” Sergey Lebedenko to “Industrialka” newspaper. But this law has not appeared. Today people need a guarantee of quality health care, the situation of the wounded militaries in the ATO area proved it. We suggest you start now, because we can’t delay anymore. To run state health insurance, you need to create a pool of insurance companies. The pool will have a few insurance companies – this is a competitive environment, which means that each insurance company will strive to offer a person the best conditions. We have something to get people interested, from getting insurance payment to the possibility of involvement of lawyers and experts to be certain that insured people got quality health services for their money.

Sergey Stepanovich, what will change in medical service, if Ukraine has state health insurance?

Let’s suppose that the state allocates 100 UAH for the treatment of each of us. The owner of the money is a citizen, it should not be forgotten about. The essence of state health insurance is that the money should be given to the people. A man himself must dispose of it and decide who and where will treat him. State health insurance through the pool of insurance companies will allow a person to see the movement of his money. Now, the patient comes to the hospital, where his money has already been paid, but the attitude toward him is as if he has come to receive services free of charge. At the moment, the legislation does not regulate how the patient should come to the doctor and what he should show him if the diagnosis is wrong. And having state health insurance we will have professional support, the dialogue between the insurance company and the hospital. The patient only benefits from it. There will be respected human, government and business interests.

With the state health insurance a patient can not only receive from the insurance company assistance, compensation for medicines, diagnostic procedures and treatment, but also choose a medical institution. It is beneficial for insurance company if people are healthy, stressed the head of the claims settlement of the insurance company “Motor-Garant” Dmitry Zotov. We have gained the mechanism of interaction with both public and private medical institutions. The task of the pool is to combine strong insurers who have experience. Pool is also the guaranteeing association, accumulating funds, which in the case of force majeure or delays will be sent for treatment. In addition, insurance companies, according to Ukrainian legislation, also conduct public reporting and annually publish information about their balance. Anyone can check the data on each insurance company.

According to the director of the insurance company “Motor-Garant” Oleg Karpenko, another advantage of state health insurance is that the insurance company provides indirect contact with the patient’s doctor, eliminating corruption component. Ukraine has long had rather low level of public confidence in insurance companies, now people’s trust in voluntary health insurance increases, because patients have a need for medical protection, – says Oleg. – Our insurance company is willing to offer people different options for any level of income. This will allow protecting the strata of society that are unable now to use high-quality medical services. We do not forget about the doctors – our range of products also includes insurance of professional liability of doctors.

(Interview to “Industrialnoe Zaporozhye” newspaper).

Date: 4 October 2014