Сергей Лебеденко

Relations of the population and the state should be based on equal conditions

You don’t know about the existence of many problems until you encounter them. In 2009, Sergey Lebedenko was in an accident, the result of which was life-threatening injuries, including spine fractures. Doctors made a disappointing diagnosis. A chance to get up was one of thousands. After the doctors were able to save the life of Sergey Stepanovich, there began a period of rehabilitation. Most people after similar injuries are restoring for many years. And then Sergey Stepanovich took his recovery into his own hands.

Sergey Stepanovich has been closely related to the medical field for over 14 years as he is the founder of an insurance company “Motor-Garant”, which is developing unique systems of voluntary health insurance. As the head of the company, Sergey Lebedenko, at the stage of launching and improving of the system of health insurance, personally reviewed each insured event and each diagnosis. Therefore, the basics of medicine and diagnostic tests and treatment he knows firsthand. But in the process of rehabilitation after the accident, Sergey Stepanovich learned about the new, advanced diagnostic methods, in particular the method of noninvasive diagnosis of blood, that is, blood tests without injection invented by Malykhin A.V. in Kharkov.

For many people it may seem fantastic. It is really worth wondering. For only 3 minutes the device allows getting data on 131 parameters through the computer analysis of the body. According to them, you can define human diseases, predisposition to cancer, a way of eating, bad habits, and most importantly – to conclude what influences the body harmfully. This device is widely used in a number of foreign countries, because its possibilities are enormous, and the cost, compared with other medical equipment, is not high. However, in Ukraine the device is not in demand, it is used by only a few clinics.

The developer of this unique device Malykhin A.V. defended his doctoral thesis in the Institute of Noosphere Technologies of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation. Why not in Ukraine? Why does our country have underdeveloped diagnostic base? Probably because the health system is aimed only at treating the symptoms rather than finding out the reasons. Roughly speaking, the funding is directed only to the most burning questions that need to be solved. As a result, clinics have outdated X-ray machines and ultrasound machines, which are not able to detect pathology in the early stages, and doctors’ appointments are made without detailed diagnostics, and sometimes – just on the basis of external indicators. We can imagine the consequences. Very often, doctors treat those diseases which patients do not have, or vice versa, do not notice the existing ones. After all, modern device detects tumor of a few millimeters in size, and outdated one will notice it after development.

How to change the situation?

According to Sergey Lebedenko, there is one way out: patients should be equal participants of the process. The principle of successful interaction was formulated by R.G. Coase, for which he got the Nobel Prize, and the theorem itself is even referred to in delivery of US Supreme Court’s decision. The scientists have proven that the optimal solution for solving the problem would be an agreement between the parties concerned, in this case, between patient and medics. We also shouldn’t hope for government intervention. The scientist proved that the state is not able to optimally solve problems of externalities (external effects), cannot correctly estimate the size of external costs (including development of the concept of medicine), cannot compare costs and benefits, and reconcile the interests of the parties. Its participation in such processes requires considerable costs and, thus, increases the external costs.

As you can see, if there is no demand from the people, “service customer”, then healthcare officials will not be motivated to change anything in the system. In addition, the legislation provides insignificant leverage of residents on the authorities (including medicine). Most complaints are either “lost” in the chain of instances, or they give the “runaround”. Offers are not considered.

In fact everything is developed as it is favorable to functionaries; the interests of “service customer” – patient – are not taken into account. For this reason, there are no real reforms, for example, compulsory health insurance is not introduced. But there is no need to prove its effectiveness – organized system of health insurance in European countries serves for people benefit for a long time.

The only effective way to influence the authorities is elections. But they are held once in five years, and during this period, deputies, and various functionaries manage to forget their promises. Somebody hopes that people once again believe them, for someone the time in power is enough... Nevertheless, “servants” of the people can be so only in word, and the people are again “overboard”. Reforms are held, laws are enacted, portfolios and budget are shared without their participation.

According to Sergey Stepanovich – any reform should be carried out not only from the top down, but from the bottom up and the People must be heard. And that it is not only populist statements, which we have already heard enough, I offer to hold elections every year. Election of all functionaries, including those in medicine. It is the only way people can make the chosen ones to be accountable to them, not to forget about the promises and really defend the interests of their electorate.

Today the mechanism of removal from power of inefficient officials has been launched – recently Health Secretary and his deputy were dismissed. But how did people achieve this? There were political meetings, posters, tears, complaints, threats... What is next? Barricades again?! Why? Let’s create a mechanism to solve these issues in a civilized, peaceful way!

I offer to choose all functionaries for a one-year period and evaluate the results of their work! Then we will see who is able to work effectively, and who gives empty promises. Who works for the people, and who – for his own pocket. The mechanism is simple and transparent. Applying it, we will give a chance to professional, honest and efficient people to become leaders. This will affect all spheres of activity, including medicine. At the present time, the reform of the domestic medicine is as necessary as air – sums Sergey Stepanovich Lebedenko.

Date: 3 October 2014